Meet the Photographers

Peter Treadway

Peter started his photography career in his late twenties and quickly moved to make professional Wedding Photography his full time love. He worked tirelessly to hone his skills and rise to the top in this highly competitive market, a feat he is extremely proud to have achieved, whilst still pushing himself to do more.

Peter’s wedding photography style is best described as reportage. This style is often called story-telling and involves leading the viewer through the Wedding Day, so that they can live (and re-live, in the couple’s case) the beauty, emotion and splendour of the big day from start to finish. It’s a very simple concept in theory but can be difficult to accomplish practically. It’s all about having an eye for poignant moments before they happen and, more importantly, following your heart. Thankfully, these are both things that Peter excels in.

In his spare time, Peter also trains the next generation of eager photographers, producing educational training videos and written tutorials under the moniker ‘Hybrid Peter’, more of which you can find out about at his training site here





Cathy Weatherston

Cathy is an award winning Dublin, Ireland based photographer, specialising in Wedding, Portrait and newborn photography. Cathy has been involved in photography from a young age and always had ambitions of making it her career, even as a girl.

To Hybrid Photography’s benefit, she has succeeded in this regard and Cathy joins the team regularly flying from the Emerald Isle to assist Peter with his UK based wedding assignments

Cathy is also a published photographer, most recently being commissioned by Jameson’s Whiskey who will be selling her artwork highlighting Dublin culture internationally.

See more of Cathy’s work here


Stephanie A. Richer

In a life that has seen a tour of duty in the US Army, IT consulting to Fortune 500 companies both in the U.S. and abroad, and litigating trials in family law, one thing has remained constant – Stephanie’s love for photography. And the willingness to do what it takes to get the shot and make a client happy.

Now living near Knoxville, Tennessee, Stephanie dedicates herself fully to her many talents behind the camera. She serves both private clients, as well as serving as a writer, photojournalist, and videographer with the local diocesan newspaper and magazine, the East Tennessee Catholic.

Stephanie is also officially certified by the U.S. National Park Service to do commercial photography in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a not at all common achievement.

See more of Stephanie’s work here