What we do

Hybrid Photography are not run of the mill wedding photographers. We are specialist wedding photographers from around the World. We make you look like you’ve just stepped off the set of a blockbuster film and call on talented photographers from around the world to accomplish this.

What makes us Hybrid?

The definition of a hybrid is the bringing together of two or more component parts to make something greater than the sum of those individual parts.

As a truly international wedding photography setup then, Head of Photography Peter Treadway has shot numerous weddings across Europe, in America and as far as Australia. This has given him the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some of the most talented creatives in the business.

It is from this close knit group that he has formed trusted partnerships with two incredible international wedding photographers, an arrangement which sees them travelling to the UK from the USA and the Republic of Ireland to assist Peter capture his clients most treasured moments.

It is this unique bringing together of global photographers that gives us our Hybrid name.

What does this mean for you?

Well, simply put, it means that your big day will be visually documented by Peter and one of these extremely talented international photographers, who are regularly commissioned to shoot high-end weddings in their own countries and around the world.

Not only does this mean that you’re guaranteed to get amazing images of your big day but it’ll also be captured from multiple angles, ensuring that not a single moment is missed.

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