Welcome to Hybrid Photography. We are specialist Wedding photographers combining two very differing styles of photographer, and photography, to create completely unique and bespoke wedding images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Unlike other wedding photographers who have to call in a ‘second shooter’ to assist them when the need arises, Hybrid Photography only ever work as a two man team and have done since our inception. As with any partnership that gets better with age then, Dave and Peter are able to work independently of each other, whilst knowing exactly what the other will be shooting. The benefit of this for our couples is that they are guaranteed to get beautiful images of every event on their big day and from two different angles, ensuring that no laugh, no cheeky smile at the altar and no joyful tear is missed.

With differing styles of photography too, our couples are presented with both the traditional ‘reportage’ style of wedding photos along with some visually stunning technical shots that will blow you away. This enables us to capture both the elegant, intimate and serene nature of your big day along with the fun and touching moments that are so often missed.

Peter has a style which can be described in many different ways; Photo journalism, documentary or reportage photography. There’s no real difference between these styles but if you read wedding magazines you’ll know that this is the ‘de rigueur’ style. A reportage photographer is one who tells a story through photos. It’s a very straight forward concept, but very difficult to execute correctly. It’s all about following your instincts and following your heart and, fortunately, these are two things Peter does very well

Dave, on the other hand, is uniquely skilled in creating images that leap out of the page and leave you wondering ‘How did he do that?’. From ‘painting with light’ to making shadows dance, Dave is a technical photographer extraordinaire who lives his photographic career by the words, ‘lend me your eyes and I’ll show you what I see.’

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